I predominantly work at the intersection of Development, Labor, Education, and Gender economics.


Long-term and Intergenerational Effects of Education: Evidence from School Construction in Indonesia

Preschool Availability and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Indonesia

Gender Differences in Responses to Nudges: Evidence from a Randomized Trial of Prospective Economics Majors

Childcare and Mothers’ Labor Market Outcomes in Lower- and Middle-Income Countries: Policies & Impact 

with Elizaveta Perova and Sarah Reynolds (World Bank Research Observer) [Ungated World Bank working paper).

Not All That It Seems : Narrowing of Gender Gaps in Employment during the Onset of COVID-19 in Indonesia

with Sean Hambali and Ririn Purnamasari (Asian Development Review) [Ungated World Bank working paper).

Working Papers


Supporting Safe Migration of Prospective Migrants in Indonesia

with Aneesh Mannava, Elizaveta Perova, Ririn Salwa Purnamasari, and Ganesh Seshan

Baseline data collected (see EAPGIL Policy Brief)

Other Works